About Tom Parker

I began my apprenticeship as a dental technician in 1975, and, after gaining some years of experience in this highly specialised field, I opened my own on-site dental laboratory in Sydney in 1983.

I always strongly believed in the importance of  Continuing Education, it is vital to keep up with changing techniques and technologies. Certificates earned from Continuing Education courses are a great way for you to differentiate between good and bad dentists – they should have their certificates hanging on their office walls for you to inspect. Does your dentist have certificates – if so, how many, and what has he learned? Be careful if your dentist doesn’t have any – because dedicated dentists have them, the rest don’t.

This lead me to being a member of numerous dental societies – whose purpose is continuing education – such as Dental Aesthetics and Ceramics Society (DACS), Australian Society of Dental Aesthetics (ASDA), Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID), Australasian Osseointergration Society (AOS), Seattle Study Club (SSC), Victorian Crown & Bridge Society (VCBS) and Alpha Omega (AO). I lectured to all these societies (except AO), and spent nearly twenty years serving on three executive committees. The reason I attended so many societies – the more I learned, the better I could help my patients.

“…..I am in the unique position of being able to explain how the dental industry works… how often you’re manipulated and misled…”

In conjunction with society meetings, I attended many lectures, seminars, congresses, conferences, and specialised hands-on aesthetic courses in Australia, the United States, Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand. As a result, I have achieved many certificates of continuing education (see CERTIFICATES) in addition to my formal qualifications.

However, my experiences in the dental profession extend far wider than these societies – such as education. A colleague and I organised two specialised aesthetics ceramic training courses for technicians, featuring an internationally known American dental ceramist, that was held in Sydney.

Also as co-leader of a team, I arranged the best attended Australia-wide dental lecture tour ever conducted, featuring two internationally respected American dentists – Dr Ronald Goldstein (author of Change Your Smile) and Dr David Garber. Held in conjunction with that tour was a large dental Supply Company exhibition, which I also arranged. That exhibit showcased all the latest technology for the dental profession.

Following that tour and exhibition, and in partnership with a publisher, I produced and published the Journal of Aesthetic Dentistry, Australasian Edition (JAD), which featured the most esteemed Peer-review panel of dentists and technicians ever assembled in Australian dental publishing.

In 2010 I retired from the practice of technical dentistry to finish writing OPEN WIDE, which was first published September 2012. I wrote it to benefit you – because I know that you have a lot to gain from my decades of dental knowledge and experience. Embrace the change, you’ll enjoy it.

Good Reading,