This gallery shows the best types of camera systems used in dentistry. Only these systems can produce the right images for dental use, and it’s a very bad sign if your dentist doesn’t use a camera at all. Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars on a product they haven’t even seen? You don’t do that when you buy a TV or a fridge (or anything else, for that matter), so why do it with a dentist? Photos show you the quality of the products (crowns, bridges, veneers, ‘white fillings’ etc) produced and sold by a dental team- if your team cannot (or will not) show you photos of their products, find a team who can (and will).

You will see that these camera systems have the flashguns level with, or ahead of, the lens (see Camera 1,2 & 3) – not on top of, or buried into, the camera body (like mobile/cell phones). This special distinction is very important in achieving good quality dental images that show the important things that you (and the dental professional) need to see.

The last photo (Camera 4) shows an intra-oral camera. These are excellent for dentists and hygienists to use intra-orally (inside the mouth) because they can show detail that the naked eye may miss. However, they must never be used extra-orally (outside the mouth- for smile and face) because those images are unusable.

Be careful not to let any dentist trick you by using their intra-oral camera outside of your mouth – it is a sign of a lazy dentist. And they are definitely not the type of dentist you want to see.

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