Beware of the VERY DANGEROUS Phosphoric acid

Optic White- Phosphoric Acid

This is a photo taken of the ingredients of Colgate’s latest ‘whitening’ toothpaste. Apart from a bunch of other useless ‘nasties’ they include, please notice that Colgate has put Phosphoric acid into it. OH MY GOD, they could not have put a worse thing into Optic White. Why? Because phosphoric acid is the ‘food equivalent’ of Hitler’s Nazi Germany! It is a brutal killer of tooth enamel. I kid you not.

Dentists use phosphoric acid in their surgeries as an etching acid that, and get this…..completely obliterates tooth enamel in seconds! Yes, that’s right…in seconds. This is part of the clinical technique known as ‘bonding’ used for veneers (and some crowns), and in this very particular circumstance, phosphoric acid is simply THE best acid to use – because of its virtually instantaneous and immensely destructive effect.

So, why on earth would Colgate include it in their toothpaste – knowing that you will rub it into your teeth twice a day every day for years – when they must surely also know how wicked this acid is? The answer is…Colgate puts it in their toothpaste for the same reason Coca Cola puts it in ALL their colas (including their sugar fee versions), Pepsi Cola also puts it in ALL their colas (again, also the sugar free versions), Kirks Drinks also uses it in their colas… does every generic brand of cola, such as Coles and Woolworths etc, that I have investigated to date. Oh, Dr Pepper has it too……and so do some pre-mixed bourbon and colas. Have a look at the ingredients listed on the can (or bottle) and you will see a ‘food acid’ called E338. That IS phosphoric acid.

Why do they use it? For one reason, and one reason only……taste. I refuse to buy or drink these drinks anymore because of phosphoric acid they contain – knowing that drinking it will help to quickly obliterate my teeth – but I remember that colas have an initial ‘lemony’ (or citric) taste. THAT is the taste of phosphoric acid. Welcome to the horrible world of the Gestapo of Gastronomy!

My best advice to you is…stay away from Optic White completely. And keep your kids and/or grandkids away from it too. Buy any other toothpaste other than this one. As for drinking Coke etc……absolute moderation is the key. No more than one or two small drinks a month (IF you really have to)….and ALWAYS rinse your mouth out with water immediately after cola consumption. And the same goes for your kids – teach them this healthy habit, and, when they’re old enough, explain to them why.

And one other thing you must know……NEVER drink any cola if you have a dry mouth, such as immediately after sport. Allowing this insidious acid to dry on your teeth is tooth enamel suicide. And again…I kid you NOT!

Good luck…and please blog or email if you want further information.

Another 2nd Interview

Great news……I am doing another 2nd interview, again in Perth (WA), but this time with Mr Pat Harding, who is the Executive Producer of News/Current Affairs, Radio Great Southern, WA.

Like the previous interview with ABC 720 Perth, Pat knows that the state of the dental profession in Australia is in crisis…and he believes that his many listeners must be informed about, and understand, the enormous problems and rip offs hiding inside the dental profession. Pat also believes that his listeners deserve far better from their dentists than what they are getting now. That is, if they go to a dentist at all. Did you know that less than 40% of Australian adults seek regular, or even semi-regular, dental care? That dreadfully low number comes directly from dentists’ own demographic surveys – and it is appalling that, in a supposedly modern country like Australia, we are unable to look after the dental needs of our own people. It is clearly proves that many bad things are happening inside the Australian dental profession. I guess that raises this most pertinent question: if the greediest of dentists are permitted to advertise themselves for nothing more than them getting ever more of your dollars….should they be permitted to continue calling themselves ‘Professionals’? No, they should not…and nor should dentists be permitted to advertise at all! One specialist dentist actually said to me (about dentists’ advertising) that ‘if this situation continues as is, then, in ten years time, there will not be an Australian dental profession left’. Unfortunately, he is soooo right.

I will request a tape of the interview and post it on Articles & Media on this site…..and I suggest you take a few minutes to listen. That’s because the things I will be talking about are definitely in your, and your family’s, best interests. That is, unless you love being ripped when you pay your dentist more than $2,000 for a lousy $20 Chinese-made crown! Yes, that is exactly what is happening to many thousands of decent and honest Australians, and is why Pat and I will be chatting about it, and about many other things too. Keep an eye on this blog, I’ll post many more things you should know about how you could be being so badly ripped off by your dentist.

The decimation of the Dental profession

Recently I did another (my 2nd) interview with Gillian O’Shaughnessy at Radio ABC Perth. The reason she requested another interview was she had heard, from a local technician, about the decline and destruction of the dental profession. Sadly, that is completely true. One thing we spoke about during the interview was imported crowns, bridges, veneers and implants – what the dental profession calls ‘Restorative dentistry’. That is, it restores broken down teeth so that they can again be used to chew food without pain or discomfort. Here’s the facts – thousands of Aussie dentists secretly import crowns (and other work) from China and similar countries. Sadly those dentists are NOT doing it for their patients’ best oral health – they are doing it only to enrich themselves by price-gouging the poor victims – sorry, I mean patients. Also, those dentists rarely, if ever, inform the patient to give them a choice of what they get and from where, it is done on the absolute sly. Continue reading »