These images show fluorosis (and a few other problems) that have occurred in natural teeth. Fluorosis is seen as white specks, marks or ‘blotches’ in and/or on teeth, and a huge proportion of our population has some form of fluorosis – I do too.

Fluorosis may occur on any tooth or any part of a tooth- and may vary from being very light and inconspicuous, to strong and very noticeable.

There is no question that fluoride is fantastic for the enamel on our teeth – however, fluoride hides a very dark side that most dentists never want to talk about. Ingesting too much fluoride over time may cause very serious problems to your bones, badly affecting your overall health and quality of life. That’s because fluoride does not pass out of your body (like, say, vitamin C) – it remains stored in your bones making bones brittle, break more easily, and inhibits bone regeneration. The incorrect long term use of fluoride is probably the most significant cause for the explosion of Osteoporosis now seen in our society. Read more in OPEN WIDE – Fluoride, Chapter 8, What’s in your mouth.

Two images here (Examples 1 & 5) have strange looking ‘teeth’ attached to metal handles. These are called ‘shade guides’. Read more in OPEN WIDE – Taking the Shade, Chapter 7, Let’s find a good dentist.

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