This gallery shows front teeth crowns & veneers. They are made from dental porcelain – and are known as ‘fixed restorations’. That is, they are cemented (or bonded) onto a tooth and cannot be removed by the patient. Some are made as Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) and others are Metal Free (zirconia or feldspathic) – these are described in OPEN WIDE- Which Tooth Is It?, Chapter 7, The Hollywood smile.

The images here are sets (‘before & after’ photos). You will see how beautifully all the new teeth blend in with their neighbours. They show close detail of the new teeth – including the different external colours, internal colour nuances and characterisations, ‘bluish’ translucence at the cutting edge, ‘feather structures’ showing through the bluish translucence, and different surface textures. These features, plus the shape that is also in harmony with the neighbouring teeth, are the secrets to creating the beautiful ‘chameleon effect’. Read more about this in OPEN WIDE-Taking the Shade, Chapter 5, Let’s find a good dentist.

Understanding what good quality dental work looks like before you get it is the best key to you getting good value for your money afterwards..and quality work like this is what you should always see in your dentist’s photo portfolio, and be seeking from your dental team.

If your dentist can’t show you photos of his team’s work matching this quality, find a dentist that can!

It’s definitely in your best interests to do so, now that you know what to look for.

Or, talk to your dental ceramist about this, he (or she) can help. Search on-line for ‘dental technician’ or ‘dental laboratory’, there are plenty of really good ones out there.

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