Here is the truth about the disaster of Australian dentistry in 2014.

I recently received this email (below) from Greg Appleby who I know to be a caring and high quality dental technician and prosthetist in Queensland, Australia. For those of you outside of Australia, a ‘prosthetist’ here is called a ‘denturist’ where ever you are. That is, they make dentures, mouthguards and bleach carrying trays direct to the public without the need for a dentist. I must tell you that what Greg says is the real and raw truth. As our economies go from bad to worse – and you’d be very foolish to believe anything to the contrary that our failed politicians may say – more and more dentists seek the same route of outright greed that the mega-conglomerates do. That is, they seek more and more profit with little to no care or regard for their victims…sorry…, in the case of dentistry, I mean patients.
You can blame the appalling Australian Dental Association (ADA) for that. Their decades of silence that continues to this day has allowed too many dentists to become nothing more than skilled rip off artists…and to see how dentists do it go back through the other posts here. You will be shocked to see why so many dentists only see the dollars they can scam from you. And all the while that disgraceful ADA says nothing to protect you and your best oral health interests so they can protect the dentists financial interests.
I wonder….do the letters A.D.A. actually mean Australian Dental Association…..or…..A Disgrace to Australia?

“I started back last Thursday. This is the first Christmas in our 35 years married life that we haven’t had a holiday at Christmas.
You can thank the greedy dentists for that.
I have noticed that as the economy tightens the dentists get worse. They still want to maintain the same profits that they have had for the last 10 years.
In this economy that is impossible at the moment.
I couldn’t care about profits at the moment. I am happy to survive this and to keep my Australian Employees employed. I have done this now and we are owed personally approx $250,000 by our business.
Becoming a Prosthetist is the best thing I have done. I have 4 surgeries that want me in their surgeries to make all their dentures. If I can keep the lab alive and everyone’s jobs whilst I make a living from my Prosthetist I will be ecstatic.
I worry more about my employees first who are my friends that pure profits.
Pity more PROFESSIONAL Dentists were like this. Worry about the whole economy and others before being so Bloody greedy all the time.
I have found that the dentists who aren’t good are the greedy ones. The better quality Dentists do care about quality and others and jobs.

Feel Free to publish this or sent it to who matters. I know those twits don’t really care but they really should. How many more industries in the country will disappear.
Also I am sick of negatives telling me how prosthetists will disappear soon because of cad cam technology in making dentures. There is no substitute for skill, experience and common sense which cad cams don’t have.”