Implants are one technology used to replace missing teeth – other technologies currently being used are bridges and dentures. Future technology will include biologic transplant, read more in OPEN WIDE- Chapter 10, The Latest Technology – Stem cell research.

Modern dental implants are made of biologically safe titanium, and they can be a great technology (when used properly) that saves healthy teeth from unnecessary destruction.

The metal implant (not seen in these images) is surgically placed into the jawbone, and it acts as a type of ‘replacement root’. The new tooth is later made to fit on top of the implant. That sounds gruesome…. but it’s not.

However, it is more complex and time consuming than this quick explanation.

Read more in OPEN WIDE – IMPLANTS, Chapter 10, The latest technology.


Many dentists suggest implants, and that’s fine. However, ensure you get the right dentist to do it for you. Finding the right dentist is easy, ask to see their certificates of Continuing Education. They show (if he has any, or not) whether he has dedicated his time outside the office necessary to provide you quality treatment inside his office. (See ABOUT TOM PARKER – CERTIFICATES on this site).

Certificates also show what type of dentistry he was learning. If you’re considering implants, that dentist should have certificates showing Implant courses he has attended.

Also, and very importantly – before you stay with that dentist ensure you see their photo portfolio showing the nature and quality of crowns on implants he and his team are currently doing.

If the dentist cannot (or will not) show you any photos, find a dentist that can.

Those good dentists are out there – now you know how to find them.

It’s in your very best interests to do so.


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