Implants Case 4-5

   implants case 5   implants case 6

Case 4

The arrows point to two implant-supported PFM crowns. Without the arrows pointing to them, who would know that they are crowns? No one – and that is what great dentistry is all about.

Case 5

This image shows a ‘full arch’ implant-supported PFM bridge (on the model, not in the mouth). Full arch means all teeth in the upper (or lower) jaw are new. If you look carefully you’ll see what appears to be a ‘crack’ in the pink porcelain between the lateral tooth and canine. It is not a crack, it is a join line – this bridge appears to be made in one piece, but it is three pieces made to look like one.

Read why I did this in OPEN WIDE -  Chapter 10, The Latest Technology – Provisionalisation.