Impressions are those ‘gooey’ things that dentists shove into your mouth before you have lab-made dental restorations (crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, implants etc). Impressions are commonly known as ‘moulds’, and they record (duplicate) the exact shape and position of your teeth, gums and ridges (areas where teeth may be missing) so the work the technician does will fit your mouth accurately.

Accuracy of fit is THE single most important factor for any technical dental work, making impressions THE single most important step in the entire process of creating a high-quality fit for any lab-made dental work you may be buying.

Many dentists take terrible impressions (but you didn’t know that) quietly ensuring that you’re getting terrible dental work from those dentists. Pity you didn’t know that either. And the dentist that takes terrible impressions will hide what he has done – because you didn’t know how vital good impressions are, you didn’t know to ask about them, and the dentist is under no compulsion to say anything to you. The trick is – YOU must ask.

A good dentist will be proud to show you his good work – a bad dentist will scoff at you for daring to ask. When that happens, find a better dentist before you go ahead with your work. You will regret it later if you don’t.

NEVER take it for granted that your dentist takes a good impression, ALWAYS INSIST that you see it before it goes to the lab.

The first three images (Impressions 1,2 & 3) in this gallery show three different types of the most commonly used impressions. The arrows in the remaining images show things called ‘margins’. Margins are the edges of the new crown where it fits onto the tooth – and it is IMPERATIVE that the impression shows these margins very clearly. These margins are what you must see very clearly in your impression.

Read why in OPEN WIDE – Chapter 5, Let’s find a good dentist – Impressions.


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