Impressions & Models 5 – 6


Impression 5

This is a terrible impression for a three tooth bridge. The arrows point to blurred, smudged and bubbled areas where the margins should be clearly defined and easily visible – but are not. Making a bridge on a model from this impression will result with ‘open margins’ (gaps between crown and tooth) that will inevitably result in decayed teeth with red and swollen gums. NEVER allow your dentist to send an awful impression like this to the technician. You are guarranteed to have very difficult (and very expensive) problems (with your gums, and the teeth under the crowns) in the not too distant future. Ensure you clearly see all the margins in the impression.

Model 6

This model shows some clearly defined margins (arrows) on part of it – but it not all of it. The other side (away from the arrows) is a disastrous mess. Note….ALL margins around the tooth must be clearly defined by sharp edges, and be easily visible.