Quality is the original and the best.

Greg Appleby, a dental technician and prosthetist – usually known as a ‘denturist’ – wrote this email (below) to me….. and he could not have said it better. Werner Sauer, a well known dental ceramist, very bravely said it first – he wrote that technicians are ‘dumb’ and, in my opinion, he is right. If you are not a dental professional and are sick and tired of being over charged by unscrupulous and dishonest dentists and are looking for a decent and honest dentist, then Greg’s words below are a Godsend for you. Greg uses the words ‘ high quality’…and I know that you will never get high quality from a cheating dentist who secretly buys cheap-n-nasty dental work behind your back.

If you are part of the dental profession, then it is in your very best interests to take heed of what Werner and Greg are saying. The responses to my blogs show that it is patently clear the public are now looking at you, making comparisons about who you are and what type of work you do, and asking questions that they never used to ask. The days of the public simply and naively trusting any dentist for quality care just because he claims (and pretends) to be a ‘doctor’ are all but gone. Sadly, the same cannot be said about ‘dumb’ technicians.

Thanks Werner and Greg for your courage in saying the honest truth.

Hi Tom.  At first I was offended at Werner’s words saying ‘Dumb’. Then I go back over the years and realised that all that technicians were ever worried about was another technician stealing their clients. Once I went to a good friend of mine’s lab and he had work on his front counter. He tried to cover the names of the dentists so I wouldn’t see them. I was his friend and I was not interested in his clients. This technician has recently taken my biggest clients who work next door to me by now charging ridiculously cheap prices. He was my friend. I was dumb. He was dumb. He still is dumb. I have never taken another technician’s clients, not ever. While all Dumb technicians closely guard their precious clients, SCDL has come in under them all and taken their work. Most technician’s have been so dumb and disunited protecting their precious clients they missed the big picture. Sure I have had big clients stolen recently, but as a group we are dumb and missed the big picture. SCDL. I saw this coming about five years ago so I became a Prosthetist. I was right. But now I am in competition with dumb Prosthetists sending work to china.  Aaaaahhhhh. When will we ever learn? I never did cheap and nasty crown and bridge, and as a  Prosthetist I refuse to do cheap dentures. Everyone should keep the quality high and don’t use China. Forget profits and do great work to be proud of.”

Like I wrote, Greg could not have said it better. Fact is that I also saw the ‘writing on the wall’ during the decades I spent watching technicians destroying themselves while so many dentists destroyed the public’s confidence in the profession.

Quality dentistry from the entire dental team is the only way and the best way for you not to be ripped off. Read more about who is the ‘dental team’ in Open Wide – What your dentist won’t tell you.