Hi Tom,

I am up to page 75…and can hardly wait to read the rest! 
This book is superbly researched, fantastically well written and takes absolutely no prisoners! 
I LOVE IT – congratulations again!”

Chris Muller – Specialist dental ceramist, Sydney, Australia


Dear Tom,

Thanks for a great interview – feel free to upload it to a website to promote the book which I am sure is going to be a best seller.”

Pat Harding. Executive Producer News/Current Affairs. Radio Great Southern. WA”

I’ve been meaning to congratulate you for helping to expose the fraudulent activities of a big section of the dental profession. –Good on you for compiling the book.”

Paul Hade – Specialist dental ceramist, Qld, Australia

Tom, there is no doubt in my mind that you have an extremely marketable manuscript. Congratulations on a valuable and professional manuscript.”

Graem Sims – Editor, Sydney, Australia

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the book.I read it over the weekend and found it very interesting and informative.”

Fiona Gilbert – Attorney, Adelaide, South Australia

Hi Tom, 
Just finished reading your book – congrats, you have done a marvellous job, very informative and easy to understand.”

Heather Gordon – Librarian, Fernie, BC, Canada


How r you my friend? Read half of your book and love it so far. VERY EYE OPENING!!!! Really proud of your accomplishments. Have shown it to a few friends and they were shocked at some of the TRUTH few of us know. Of course….. many questions and undoubtedly they’re telling their friends cause I’m getting calls and questions from some of them as well. Congratulations my friend. Take care!!!!”
Lindy Sikes – dental technician, North Carolina, USA

You certainly write with courage and enthusiasm and your passion for revealing truth is obvious.”

Merilyn Convery – Editor, Australia

Dear Tom,
Congratulations on “OPEN WIDE”. I found the book very interesting as I have also been working in the industry for more than 25 years in varying capacities and in both private and public and have spent many of the last 7 years on many committees and involved in all aspects of dentistry and I am also not a dentist but like yourself a well educated oral health professional.

It is a brave book, both candid and revealing.”

Hellen M Checker – Dental Hygienist, Perth, Western Australia.

Congratulations on a lively, thought provoking and professional appearing presentation!”

Henry K, PC -  Attorney, New York, USA

Your book has been wonderful to discover, and wanted to let you know I’m loving it. Thank you!  I’m relieved that my concerns [with previous dentists] over the years have been well founded, and I wanted to contact you to both thank you and ask if you might be able to recommend a reputable dentist here in Brisbane.”

Melissa – Queensland, Australia

Hi Tom,

I was wondering if I could get your advice over the phone, or in person. I would be happy to pay for your time. I feel I was tricked into getting extensive cosmetic dental work done in 2006. I live in Sydney. I am 36 years old, and haven’t had dental problems until I saw this particular dentist.”

Chad Cavanagh – Reader, Australia

“Hi Tom,
           I just wanted to drop you a line to give you an update and to pass on my gratitude once again. Everything learned from reading your book makes perfect sense. From my experience today Dr ‘GB’ personifies the professional standard that you have championed for so long. Dr ‘GB’ had a challenge- the tissue was inflamed and bleeding a lot where the back margin was too deep. Sitting in the chair reflecting on how lucky I was, so I wanted to say thank you again.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your book has encouraged me look at the world in a different way that goes beyond dentistry. I have a more open questioning outlook. If something does not feel right its good to challenge it. So your writings teach us to take control of our mouths in more ways than one.

Its been a truly educational experience and its been great to get such a positive outcome from a negative start.

Ms L Wilde – Accountant, Sydney, Australia

Hello, Firstly I wish to thank you, and praise the book you wrote. It  was both informative and very eye opening. I am a artist/jeweler (I   make one of a kind pieces). I will be siting the test (written & manual) on this Monday to do the dental technology course. I believe my  skills and attention to detail will transfer over into this field very well. I have tried researching particularly about moulds, and find  very little info on what are the best to do, to get the best  impression. Your book was the only one that I could even get technical  terms etc from. So my question is, what are the best moulds to use to get the best  impressions from? I know your book said quad are bad and triplets aren’t much better, as they don’t give enough information.
So thank you again  for bothering to write your book. It has helped me so much. I look  forward to making peoples lives better both physically and emotionally  by making excellent artificial teeth or tooth, (what ever their need’s are).”

Sincerely and with gratitude, Tania Curlija – South Australia