Technology and techniques change rapidly in our modern age – and that makes regular attendance of educational courses vitally important. Certificates of Continuing Education (earned from such courses) are an imperative indicator showing who is a competent and caring dentist (or other dental professional), and who is not.

Certificates should be available for you to see – either mounted on the dental office walls, in a dentist’s photo album, or on his computer.

I would definitely not recommend you seeing any dentist who has few, if any certificates. They are the dentists most likely to care a lot more about your money than they do about your health.

Here’s a great tip when you see a dentist’s certificates – check the date to ensure they are current with the times, and ensure they relate to your specific dental needs. For example, it’s no good for you if you want ‘white fillings’, but your dentist only has certificates showing (say) Implants. There’s no reason for you to stay with only one dentist for all your dental needs – choose a different dentist for different needs because dentists have different skills.

Seeing certificates will help you choose the best dentist for you and your family. Read more in OPEN WIDE – CERTIFICATES, Chapter 5 – Let’s find a good dentist.

The images here show my Certificates of Continuing Education. Note that the dates on some go back decades – proving my dedication and passion to my profession throughout my entire career. The dentist (or other dental professional) you choose should have this level of dedication and passion too. If they don’t, choose someone else. They are out there – and now that you’ve read this, you can find them.